Evernote (a useful app)

Evernote (a useful app)

I like Evernote. Its a slick little app that I use almost everyday. You can set up your notes in different notebooks, and share individual notebooks with others.

I have a personal notebook that I share with my husband. I use it to keep our grocery lists and task lists (a.k.a. honey-do lists). I can keep an ongoing checklist for what we typically buy at each store so that if my husband stops at Sam’s Club on his way home from work, he knows we want some hoagie bread to make into garlic bread for dinner. It comes in so handy when we’re out, and didn’t remember to bring a list with us.

As my husband and I tackle each home improvement project, we jot down measurements and necessary materials. We have big ideas, but don’t always have the funds to start right away. This way we don’t lose any of our ideas before we actually get to the project.

My Christmas and birthday gift lists are on there (who gets what and whether I already purchased it). I keep track of my wishlists, discount codes, shopping comparison notes, donations, and tax-deductible mileage on Evernote, too.

I even note which books I’m missing within my kids’ book series, so that when I shop rummage sales or thrift shops I know which books I’m looking for. I wish I had Evernote sooner, because I’ve purchased the second Narnia book three times!

I use it for my business to jot down ideas for clients when I’m on the go. Sometimes I hear of a great app to try, or an awesome website that has free resources, I write it down on my Evernote app.

I just use the FREE, basic version, because that works for me. If you need to save more images, you would want to upgrade. I spoke with a photographer who uses an upgraded version of Evernote because she can save all her client preferences and have the info at her fingertips no matter where she is.

I think it’s truly an awesome app/program. You can find it on Google Play or go directly to their website: evernote.com. Just look for the little elephant!