Why I love the Internet (#1)

Why I love the Internet (#1)

Reason #1: I learn how to fix stuff.

Using the internet to learn how to fix or repair something myself can save a lot of money. Today was just another example of that.

With some help (OK, a lot of help) from this video on YouTube, I replaced the screen on my son’s used Apple iPod Touch (4th Generation) after he dropped it on the concrete basement floor. We ordered the LCD and Digitizer set (get the one with the tools if you don’t already have the stuff). After the new glass arrived, I sat down and watched a bunch of online videos, looked it up on ehow, and decided I was willing to try. One last sweep of YouTube for more step-by-step info, and I finally found this one provided by GadgetMenders.com. It was great, and thankfully, I didn’t break it as I tried to fix it.

Had I taken the iPod in for repair somewhere, it would have cost well over $100. Since my son bought it used on eBay, I don’t know that he paid that much for the whole unit in the first place. In any case, he paid for the replacement screen (which we bought online at Amazon.com) and acted as my assistant, stopping and starting the YouTube video at each step. So, together, we learned something new, and saved some money. That’s one reason why I love the internet.

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